Ugreen History

Company History:

The company was established in Shenzhen.

Since 2006, we offered OEM service for international brands like Haier, Lenovo, Philips, Sony, HP, through which we gains more experience about R&D, Management and manufacturing USB Graphics Adapter.

With the support from Shenzhen Municipal Government, we intensified the investment to the R&D department further. Concentrating on the real needs of consumers, we commited to product delicate design and development. Some products wons the R& D awards and subsidies of government.

Started to market products with Green Connection band in domestic market.
Because of good quality, competitive price, and excellent service, our brand was well-recognized by end-consumers.

Sponsor of HDMI cables for Shanghai World Expo.

Green Connection joined the biggest B2C e-commerce platform in China—Taobao.
Just in several month, became number 1 in sales volume of HDMI cables.

Sponsor of USB active cables for The Olympic Games in London.